Cell phone APP controlled LED interior ambient light.

Cell phone APP control LED atmosphere RGB strip light car music 16 million colours acoustic source interior lamp.

Tak Wai Lee cell phone APP control LED atmosphere RGB strip lights car music16 million colours acoustic source lamps interior styling light. Easy to install and easy to control by application on your phone. 

Can adjust the colour of the light.

Can be with the music transform colour app broadcast.

Can change colour according to the voice of the surrounding.

Can be a time switch.

Can according to certain mode changing colour.

It is controlled by APP called Triones, an intelligent LED lamp based on Bluetooth 4 wires technology.

App controlled ambient light.

Led ambient lights can be easy installed in your car.

Installation guide for car LED light.

In the picture below can see a whole set from the box. Will receive 4 LED strips with wiring, USB control box, and car light cigarette power switch. Led stripes in dimensions 220mm long, 7mm deep and 13 mm wide.

This car ambient light LED set is designed to use in the car but adding a power supply can be used anywhere in your home, for example as ambient light for your TV.

 Auto LED ambient light set.

NOTE:-Color Control :

  • 16 million colours can control the mode variable
  • Strobe mode
  • Jump mode
  • Frequency speed mode
  • 7 colour gradient mode

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