Monster skull as car bonnet decal.

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The monster skull as a car bonnet sticker. 

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The monster skull as a car bonnet graphic. 

Monster skulls car bonnet sticker.

How many times have you stopped & look a second look at unique horror style monster skull car stickers you have seen in parking lots and other places?

Your car is one of your most costly items you will ever make and the one main thing that you depend on to get you anywhere you need to go.

Since you spend so much time in your car, it just makes sense that you’d wish to make it as unique and personal as possible.

What is the ideal way there to express your horror creativity than by placing monster skull car decals on your car bonnet?

There’s also a huge range of monster skull car decals available for your car bonnet and rear car window.

Even though, it is recommended that you take your precious time and pick something amazing that you will be happy with for a long period.

You forever have the choice of removing the monster skull car sticker anytime when you wish like but if you make a wise decision, this is not something, and you will need to concern about anytime soon.

Tips for selecting Window Stickers for Your vehicle

Before you make a final decision to apply monster skull car bonnet stickers for an auto bonnet, think about what size and shape and statement you wish to make.

What do you wish others think about when they look at the skulls and monster stickers?

Do you wish to make a statement or simply want to dress up the car?

When you decide what shape of the sticker for your windows or for your auto hood you wish to apply, the next part is where to apply it.

A lot of car bonnet stickers or for rear windows are applied on the peak of the windshield or back glass area and the other is applied to the side windows area.

Where you apply yours will depend on what design you pick and what type of shape you are trying to portray.

When you take your time & consider the kind of shape, size, and style, you wish to use on your skull windows car sticker, you will be capable to make a superior decision when choosing out your monster skull car sticker.

 Sticker dimensions:

53cm x 58cm.

The sticker can be made to other dimensions requirements. 


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