Climbing cat auto decal, cat car bumper sticker.


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Climbing cat car bumper sticker.

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Climbing cat car sticker.

Sticker size is 8cm high top half of the sticker to be placed above object.

There is a possibility to make sticker in different dimensions.


Stickers will arrive on a thick, sturdy paper backing and covered with transfer tape.

Wash the surface of the area where you will be applying the stickers to.

Be sure that the surface has not been in direct sun and is too hot or cold.

You may want to move it into some shade or a garage.

Air bubbles are usually caused by the surface being too hot or not enough pressure on squeegee.


Place the sticker face down on the flat surface, peel off the thick paper backing holding paper backing at a sharp angle.

If the vinyl is being left behind on the backing tape, stop, turn it over so it is face up and, using a credit card or similar, squeezing from that centre out re-sticking the vinyl to the application tape, then try again.

If the backing paper comes off with the sticker carefully peel this off with a sharp nail or pair of tweezers.

Visually align sticker, press down top two corners to the mounting surface.


Working from one side to the other use a smoothing tool (a credit card or squeegee).

Use firm overlapping strokes to apply.

Be sure to eliminate any air bubbles or creases.


Starting from the edge, very carefully peel off the transfer tape, keeping it at a sharp angle and holding it low to the surface.

If a sticker does come up with the tape, simply smooth the tape back over it, press and smooth, and try again.

If necessary, hold the edge of the sticker with a fingernail as you pull the tape away and smooth over the sticker once more.


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